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MT5 Bridge

MT5 Bridge

While some clients may initially find the transition from familiar trading techniques challenging, LPBUS offers a variety of benefits. The Aggregator-MT5 Bridge developed by our engineers ensures clients can continue to use the familiar MetaTrader 5 platform to trade with the LPBUS system. This offers banks and their clients a number of advantages:

  • Aggregated liquidity access. Use LPBUS to aggregate liquidity across multiple providers and transfer the best bids and offers to MT5
  • Hedging of client deals in real time. Use LPBUS to reduce risks arising from the use of aggressive automated trading via Expert Advisors
  • Quick execution. Latency is not increased with the use of MT5 Bridge to transfer deals from MT5 to liquidity providers

Partial execution. Orders can be partially executed through the MT5 Bridge to ensure more optimal order execution.