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Algo Orders

LPBUS simplifies the work of a dealer through a number of algorithmic orders

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MT5 Bridge

Our multi-functional solution combines advanced A/B book trade execution, smart liquidity aggregation and risk management.

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Liquidity Provider

Using our system you can connect to 100+ LP

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High Liquidity

We cooperate with leading Liquidity Providers like Bank of America, Citi, JPM etc.

Fast Execution

The fastest possible execution speed

Different Deal Modes

The variety of modes offers wide range of trading settings for every client


Flexible Environment

The system is flexible and built up in accordance to the highest professional standards.


Full control over the process of transferring and receiving data

Low Latency Connection

We use the best datacenters in the World like LD4, Equinix etc.

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Our managers prepare all documents and KYC procedures will be smooth and fast


Set up data

Our specialists investigate all clients requirements and business objectives


UAT environment

Our IT specialists will set up an UAT to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios


Prod environment

Start your business with a full spectre of solutions for brokers

Founded in 2007, VTC is committed to developing cutting edge products for financial companies

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About us


We have been developing IT solutions on the B2B market for over 10 years. Our audience includes brokers, investment funds, and other participants of OTC markets.

During the company’s existence, we have launched several products that have become popular in the brokerage business.

We created the first product just after a year of productive work LPBUS, also known as Liquidity Providers and Brokers Uniting System. This platform provides a comprehensive solution to optimize trade processes and automate work with clients. An advantage of the system is the option to customize the software to the needs of each institutional client. In developing the platform, we also focused on the speed at which trades are executed, as well as performance and integration with banking systems.

We then went on to connect LPBUS to cTrader and MetaTrader so that clients could work with the system they were used to. As a result, we now offer a single centralized structure for trading. One of the latest updates is a unification of features into a single business solution. Thus, our clients can now start their own dealing desk.