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Our Mission

Quality is important nowadays. The more reliable the liquidity providers, the more trust they garner from institutional clients. We work exclusively with reputable providers.

Quantity is important in our time. The greater the choice of banks, the more opportunities there are to find the best prices to execute trades.

Speed is important in our time. Quick trades execution increases profitability.

We focus on these factors, thanks to which we remain competitive in today’s market. Our mission is to provide turnkey solutions for the brokerage business, meeting client requests in a timely and accurate manner, and understanding their needs.

“We are offering a perfect solution, one that is needed and in demand now more than ever.”

Phillip Mitchell

the head of Varalen’s commercial division.

Varalen Trading Corp, an IT company, was founded by Christopher Varalen on 5 October, 2007.

By the end of 2008, the company announced the creation of Liquidity Providers and Brokers Uniting System (LPBUS), an innovative platform for banks, brokers, investment funds, and other market participants. This system was designed to provide maximum flexibility in configuring the quote feed, trading instruments, routing of trade requests, risk management policies, and order execution methodologies. The platform provides a high level of protection against typical problems in dealing, including non-market quotes, latency arbitrage, etc.

LPBUS rapidly gained popularity among OTC market participants around the world. The company then launched major updates, including FIX API, work with cTrader and MetaTrader, the development of a single centralized structure, and efforts to combat technical arbitrage. Thanks to this, LPBUS became an in-demand product on the market of brokerage solutions, considerably facilitated by the company’s HR policies. Under the leadership of Magrietta Stanford, professionals Karen Smith and later Phillip Mitchell greatly contributed to the development of the aggregator. Varalen Trading Corp. reached a new level.

In 2013, VTC unified its developments into a single solution. Now dealing centers had access to ready solutions that, for example, allowed brokers to launch a white-label dealing service. This was possible for both beginners on the market as well as those who decided to switch from an NDD system in favor of their own dealing desk.

“We are offering a perfect solution, one that is needed and in demand now more than ever. Clients get a high-speed connection to over 115 liquidity providers of their choice, a professional selection of tools for effective order management and execution, aggregation, and price feeds,” explained Phillip Mitchell, the head of Varalen’s commercial division.

In 2016, the forex software development company announced the release of the updated MetaTrader 5 platform with a hedging position accounting system.

The company’s drive to innovate continues. Successful brands are always responsive to client needs, and Varalen Trading Corp. is no exception.

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