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Click and Deal

One Click execution for professional trading platforms

1000 deals per second

The fastest possible execution allows to avoid slippage

Easy to Use

The system can be operated by one dealer

FIX protocol

Our system uses FIX 4.4 Specification

Delivering innovative B2B Solutions for Banks and Prime Brokers since 2007

Align the concept of your business with VTC

High Liquidity

We cooperate with leading Liquidity Providers like Bank of America, Citi, JPM etc.

Fast Execution

The fastest possible execution speed

Different Deal Modes

The variety of modes offers wide range of trading settings for every client


Flexible Environment

The system is flexible and built up in accordance to the highest professional standards.


Full control over the process of transferring and receiving data

Low Latency Connection

We use the best datacenters in the World like LD4, Equinix etc.

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The LPBUS system is a full-scale solution for service providers on the Forex market. The LPBUS can automatically add broker commissions at market rate for prime brokerage purposes.
The high liquidity and the diversity of quotes providers offered by LPBUS ensure clients can deal securely 24 hours a day.

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